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New Orleans Bourbon Society

Bourbon House is the official home of the New Orleans Bourbon Society (aka NOBS) -- a spirited society dedicated to the appreciation of fine bourbons. The society hosts regular whiskey events and tastings catered towards the bourbon enthusiast. Master Distillers from Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark & Bulleit have, and will continue to, host dinners at the Bourbon House. In addition, NOBS also hosts a number of other bourbon-related events (tastings, bourbon study halls, crafting cocktail lessons and more).


Membership is complimentary, and benefits include:

1. Invitations to Bourbon Events, including seminars with master distillers from the top Bourbon and American Whiskey producers, Bourbon Dinners and Cocktail Parties
2. A Bourbon "Passport" for members to record their tastes
3. Complimentary Pour of the featured Bourbon of the Month
4. Opportunity to meet and sip with other Bourbon enthusiasts
5. Master Taster Recognition with a plaque at Bourbon House engraved with the names of members who have tasted the entire Bourbon list - just think, your name could be immortalized!


New Orleans & Bourbon

New Orleans is closely connected with America’s only native spirit. Kentucky may be the birthplace of this distinctly American Spirit, but it was New Orleans who serendipitously helped develop the aging process that produces the bourbon we know and love.

In the 1820’s, bourbon was in high demand in New Orleans with almost 2.5 million gallons of the clear liquid (now known as “White Dog”) being shipped downriver from Kentucky. For transport, every available barrel from fish to nail storage was pressed into action and the inside charred to prevent contamination. The journey took 5 months, and soon after it arrived in New Orleans, distillers started getting orders for more of that “red liquor”. Puzzled by the “red liquor” comments, Kentucky distillers discovered that the whiskey was taking on a different color and taste due to the journey time and barrel charring. This gave rise to the aging process that gives us the beautiful Kentucky Bourbon that consumers around the world enjoy.

A New Orleanian through and through, Dickie Brennan was intrigued by New Orleans' bourbon connection and wanted to pay homage to the spirit at Bourbon House. Today, Bourbon House offers over 250 American Whiskeys, many of which are rare and/or hard to find. Bourbon House is home to the city's most extensive bourbon list.

Buzzard's Roost Char #1 Rye | Our July Bourbon of the Month

This whiskey was designed to deliver a plethora of different flavors. When making this blend, they sometimes use up to 4 or 5 distinct types of flavor-specific barrels which yields an incredibly complex product that holds up to a cocktail. On its own, you will find that the Small Batch Rye always leads with a sweet and spicy nose complemented with notes of toasted oak. The palate is spice forward and the finish is long.

All Buzzards Roost Products have been aged in proprietary barrels that created with our cooperage partner. Each barrel has a unique individual flavor that is used like a spice rack to complement our whiskeys. 

New Orleans Bourbon Society Members, please join us at Bourbon House for your complimentary pour.