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A Message about Coronavirus/COVID-19 to our Guests

It has always been our pledge to maintain the highest standards and ensure a safe and healthy environment for our guests and staff.  Our team has worked with a registered nurse (RN) to help create and train our teams in these protocols, according to CDC and LDH guidelines.   

Although this list is ever-evolving, the following outlines some of the measures we currently have in place: 

· Every employee’s temperature is taken upon arrival at the restaurant.  

· Employees experiencing COVID 19 or other flu-like symptoms, will have to leave work immediately and follow up with their healthcare provider. 

· All employees have been instructed not to come to work if sick. 

· All staff wears the appropriate PPE. We want to keep everyone in our restaurants safe. 

· Seating at the restaurant adheres to CDC and governmental requirements with regard to social distancing. 

· Before guests arrive and throughout the day and evening, a dedicated crew sanitizes all public and high traffic areas of the restaurant. 

· The back of the house team continually sanitizes their workspace throughout the shift. 

· All restaurant equipment, including POS systems, are wiped down after each use.   

· Restrooms are refreshed and hardware is disinfected every half hour.   

· All menus are one-use.  If preferred, guests have the option of scanning QR code of the menu.    

· Utensils are wrapped and placed in a clean pouch.       

· Between seatings of guests, every aspect of the table is cleaned and sanitized. 

· Each staff member cleans/sanitizes their hands prior to visiting another table.   

· Tables are not set until guests are seated to help avoid the chance for plates, glassware, or utensils becoming contaminated between seatings. 

· All plateware, glassware, and utensils are stored in a clean and sanitized area. 

· Servers only handle clean plates; Server Assistants handle bussing of tables. 

· All trays will be sanitized after each use. 

· Beverages requiring garnishments are handled by Server Assistants wearing clean gloves and using tongs. 

· Guest paying with credit cards are able to use a portable handheld payment system.   This equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after the guest uses it.   

· Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the restaurant and in restrooms.  

· All Managers have been ServSafe certified. 

· Vendors will leave deliveries at the receiving door and product will be inspected and cleaned.