• Dickie Brennan
    Owner & Managing Partner
  • Steve Pettus
    Owner & Managing Partner
  • Lauren Brennan Bower
    Owner & Managing Partner
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Dickie Brennan

Dickie Brennan, Owner and Managing Partner of Dickie Brennan & Company, is a trained chef and third generation New Orleans restaurateur of the renowned Brennan family. Growing up under the tutelage of esteemed Chef Paul Prudhomme, Dickie helped Commander’s Palace lead the American Regional Cuisine movement by introducing the world to Cajun and Creole cooking.

As an ambassador for New Orleans and its unique culture, Dickie is an avid supporter of local farmers and fisherman. Each of his restaurants accentuates Louisiana’s culinary history through the use of local ingredients and techniques. Currently, Dickie serves on the James Beard Foundation’s Board of Trustees, the National Restaurant Association’s Board of Directors and is on the Board for the Southern Food & Beverage Museum.

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